Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lily's sleepover

Lily likes to go her her BFF's for sleepovers. The BFF tried to sleepover here once, and only made until 9pm when we had to take her home. So, Lily goes to her house. Now, most Mom's would pack for their 7 year old when going on a sleepover. No, I just need to say the word, sleepover, and Lily is packed. Seriously. This just goes to show that kids can be responsible enough (or maybe it just shows how OCD my daughter is).
Here's what Lily packs;

Sleeping bag
Bear's blanket (his matches her blanket)
Ollie the Elephant
Change of clothes
microwave popcorn
headband to match next day's outfit
Binder with Pokemon cards ( for trading)

1 comment:

Stephana said...

only your daughter is that organized!!!