Friday, June 5, 2009

Dear Snow Mommy Letter

I received this letter by e-mail this morning in response to my Tasty Tuesday post last week. Read the letter, and I'll tell you who it's from at the end.

Dear Snow Mommy:

I am writing this letter to you; as you have asked your blog followers to provide feedback if they try any recipes from your wonderfully titled Tasty Tuesdays. First off I would like to say I work on tugs towing barges up and down the coast of the US of A. With you being married to a Merchant Mariner you probably already know that life on board can sometimes be pretty dull and you try to spice things up a little; sorry I know bad pun. Anyways I would also like to say that I love your blog I never miss an entry (I subscribed to it as an RSS feed). You have some great ideas and a variety of subjects that you cover. Ok back to the subject at hand. On May 19th your Tasty Tuesday was a Spicy Grilled Cheese Sandwich. I would like to tell you my experience with that particular recipe.

Now if you will notice it says 3-4 chipotle peppers in adobo sauce with the next line saying 1 4oz can tomato paste. See the difference. If you do then you can guess; that this was a not the best reading of the ingredients. I used 3 cans of the chipotle in the recipe. I’m sure you can now see where this is going.

Ok, so I cooked up two of these bad boys offering one to the cadet on board; since I was taught to share. Bite number one wasn’t too bad; but by the time that I reached bite number 3, I should have known I was in trouble. Beads of sweat started to form on my brow and my sinuses did their normal thing that they do when you eat spicy food; but then the coughing started, my face and ears started to turn red. Picture the old cartoon characters whose faces turn red with steam coming out of their ears. Being one not to want to waste good food; I continued on with a large glass of milk.

I managed to eat three quarters of my sandwich; along with two large glasses of milk before I gave in; with much disappointment; and threw the last of it away. Oh and in the meantime the cadet is smiling and trying not to laugh at me. I found that different people have different tolerances; which added to my discomfort that I was all alone in this. He did mention that the sandwich was indeed good; but a little spicy. So while I am cleaning up the lunch dishes. Tears are streaming down my face; coughing up a storm, and trying to figure out what I did wrong. The cadet is in stitches by now laughing at my indisposed condition. I re-read the ingredients and think I knew where my problem was. I was dreading the next day. Well, it didn’t take but a few hours. Let’s just say that in the last twelve hours have been the most excruciatingly painful I have ever had in my life. How to describe the pain; do you ask; well I can only use a reference from the Stephen King book DREAMCATCHER that I had just finished reading. It’s like I had been infected with Byrus and had a byrum growing inside of me. If you haven’t read the book or seen the movie, I suggest you either try one or the other. Anyways Byrus is an alien fungus that once breathed in, allows a nasty little creature with lots of needle sharp teeth to grow inside of you and use you as food. Yes, painful I can only assume. Not to get into details; but this little life lesson also puts a new perspective on the terms “Feel the Burn” and “Fire in the Hole”.

Sincerely yours,

Buns a Burning

P.S. I think I have found a new homeopathic cure for allergies, as mine are clearer than they have ever been in the past month. Thank You.

I'm still giggling! This was written by my husband Dan. The funniest part to me is that I personally showed him how to make these sandwiches. So if he was paying attention, he would have known to only put 3 or 4 peppers in the sauce. Love you honey, hope you feel better! He he he he he.


Stephana said...

hahahahahahahahaha.....I wish i coulda been there to see this!!!

Tiff said...

Love is a burning thing,
And it makes a fiery ring,
Bound by wild desire,
I fell into a ring of fire,

I fell into a burning ring of fire,
I went down, down, down, and the flames went higher,
And it burns, burns, burns, the ring of fire,
The ring of fire.


Sorry, Dan!

Dan said...

It wasn't pretty Steph. Thanks Tiff I feel the love. I now realize Paco can't handle too spicy of food. Honey I am not sure whether or not to be upset at you for identifing me or not; but I choose to laugh at my on stupidity. 143!!!