Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tasty Tuesdays

Welcome back to Tasty Tuesdays! It's that wonderful time of year in Whatcom County when strawberries are in season. A note to all of you, strawberry season is SHORT!! Take advantage of local berries that can not be compared to anything else! Last week I passed a local strawberry stand and picked up half of a flat to make strawberry jam. The recipe for strawberry jam is on the box of pectin, so I won't post it, but I will give a few tips.

Jam is a great gift! Hostess gift, teacher appreciation, mail carrier Christmas gift, you name it, everyone loves homemade jam. I tend to get the local berries when in season and freeze them to make jam later. This works great for everything but strawberry jam. Once frozen, you loose the bright red color of the berries. So I do strawberry and strawberry rhubarb jam during strawberry season. I do freeze strawberries to add to my mixed berry jam and strawberry cranberry jam.

Some of the local stands will sell day old berries cheaper. If you can find these, buy them, do not pass go, and get straight home and make jam. Local berries have a short shelf life and will spoil quickly, like overnight.

Sometimes I find jam jars at garage sales, Goodwill, Value Village, or even from older ladies who don't can anymore. Pick these up when you find them.

I hate Walmart (wallyworld) but they do have the best prices if you have to buy jars. Also lids and pectin are cheapest there too.
Please take advantage of local produce. It really is the best when in season. If you have the time, go visit the farms, u-pick berries, and let the kids help!

Have a Berry Good Day!


DJan said...

Last Wednesday I happened to be in Fairhaven at noon and saw the Farmer's Market had opened. (I usually go to the Saturday one downtown.) I could not believe the strawberries!! I bought a box and ate one, then another, gave some to my therapist, and my husband got a few himself. They were the best strawberries I ever tasted. Tomorrow, if they are still there, I'll grab two boxes!

Snow Mommy said...

You just can't beat our local berries!