Sunday, June 14, 2009

What do you mean you forgot?

Remember my post on Friday about the kids taking permanent pens to school? Today as we were walking into church, I saw that Nate had red permanent pen on his sandals. Seriously! I told him he was in trouble, and dropped it until we got in the van to go home. Here's our conversation.

Me: Nate, do you remember the talk we had about the pen before you went to school?

Nate : Yes, but the pen came off of my arm when I washed it.

Me: Do you remember me telling you that it was permanent and to only write on your shirt?

Nate: Yes.

Me: Then why would you write on your sandals?

Nate: I forgot.

Let's just say I didn't take this well, and I'm thinking he is going to have to use his own money to buy new sandals.
What surprises me is that he was not the toddler that drew on walls. He was always good about only coloring on paper. Why at 8 years old is he writing in my van, and on his shoes? I hate to blame it on boy brain, but I can't come up with any other explanation. Any ideas?

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