Wednesday, June 3, 2009

You crack me up part 2


The things that people will google crack me up. Here's a recent list of things people googled that brought them to my blog.

  • sperm snow
  • captain underpants, stories
  • embarrassing shower stories
  • online college homework sucks (I agree)
  • vitamin D kids experiment
  • pics of chocolate that look like poop
  • record my safe (???)
  • Nobody but my Lord
  • mommy sucks (that's just not nice)


The Millers said...

how do you know what people are googling to find your blog? I'm curious to know the same for mine.:)

Snow Mommy said...

The live traffic feed on the side of the blog gives me that info. Click on it and you can find the code to put it on your blog. It is fun to watch!