Saturday, February 13, 2010

Another Tooth Fairy Visit

Lily lost another tooth today. She's only 6 1/2 and has lost 6 teeth. The funny thing is that she has never lost a tooth at home. Her first tooth came out at the lake, the second at the fair. She has lost two at school, and the other two have been at friend's houses.

I picked her up this morning from a sleepover and she's grinning at me with this huge smile. She told me she lost another tooth, and wonders what the tooth fairy will bring her tonight. Well, the tooth fairy always brings two quarters, so it won't be any shocker tonight!

Yesterday at school the kids celebrated Valentine's Day with their classes. One of Lily's classmates gave her a little heart shaped box with candies in it. Lily thinks this will make a great box for her tooth.

I better make myself a note so that I will remember to let the tooth fairy in tonight!

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