Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mom vs Mouse Part 3

I haven't caught any more mice, yet. I'm starting to think that there was only one, and I already caught him. I had to run to the hardware store to buy a mallet (I was putting some shelving together). My wonderful neighbors who own the hardware store saw me coming in and Ron asked if I had caught any more mice. I told him about the one and only mouse, and how I had to have a friend come and get rid of it for me. He was getting a good giggle out of my story. Then I told him I was there to buy a mallet. He looked right at me and asked if I would be beating mice with it. Really? I won't get within 10 feet of them, you think I would get close enough to beat it with a mallet? I know he was joking, and it was pretty funny. So then I take the mallet to the counter and Daisy asks me if I will be using the mallet to beat my husband.......hmmmmm.........she may be on to something there!

So I still have my trap set, and bait out in case of any more mice. And, now I have a mallet just in case I need to beat them......or anyone else.

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Tiff said...

HeeHee! That's funny! Remind me not to tick you off...