Monday, April 12, 2010

Dear Metta

Dear Metta,

You are one spoiled cat. You have the run of Mom and Wayne's house, you come and go as you please and are the center of attention. I am happy to help Mom out and come feed you while she is gone, but you and I need to come to an agreement. I will continue to come feed you, but you may not bring me any more dead creatures. I forgave you the first day when I found a little dead mouse next to your food dish. But the second day, and second mouse was too much. I don't like mice. Strike that, I hate mice. I won't go anywhere near them. See here's the thing. If you leave a dead mouse near your food dish, I won't go anywhere near it, meaning you will not get more food. Get my point kitty? Good. As long as we can have this mutual agreement, we will get along just fine.

Your caretaker,



Tiff said...

HeeHee! Good luck with this! :)

Carolina said...

and that is why I never have had and never will have pets. :) Good luck!