Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

He is Risen!

We went to Easter services at church last night, to skip the big crowds. I laughed because when I walked in the door I told the greeter, "good morning". I'm sure he got that a lot, since when we went to greet the people around us during the service, the man in front of me told me, "good morning". It's hard to break those habits!

So we were trying to get ready to go to church last night, and Lily didn't want to put on her Easter dress. She was trying to convince me that she only was going to wear it one day, and that would be Sunday. She was whining and I finally told her that I would put a note on the door telling the Easter bunny that Lily was being bad, and he should skip our house. She finally put her dress on, then gave me a hug and whispered, "Don't put a note on the door".

Today we will be going to my Aunt Ruthi's house for Easter. There will be yummy food (I'm making rolls!) and then an egg hunt for the kids and a raw egg toss for the "big" kids. We will be praying that the sun stays out and all this nasty weather we have been having will stay away for the day!

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