Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Bikes

Dan has been really getting into bicycling when he is home. Last year he bought an inexpensive road bike, but was having a hard time keeping up with his friend Gordon on their 30-50 mile bike rides. So he ordered a new bike, and was like a little kid on Christmas waiting for the package to arrive. (He was as happy to see the UPS guy as I am when I get Scentsy packages!).
Nate had outgrown his bike and we were lucky that Dan's cousins were getting rid of their old mountain bikes. They offered one to us for Nate, and we didn't pass it up! Nate loves his new bike, and jumps on it when he gets home from school. And it's red, Nate's favorite color!
Now if we can only get Lily to ride without training wheels, we could do longer family bike rides!

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