Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dan the Man!

My hubby Dan is amazing. He is a great handy man, who can fix most things. He can drive a tractor and pull a trailer. He knows how to fix electrical things and computer problems. On top of that, he has a feminine side that makes flower arrangements! Lately he's been called Dan the Scentsy man, making deliveries and taking calls for me.

So today he found a water leak. (Because things always break when your tax return is coming!). After some digging, he found that the water line is a random old line, and is not connected to the house. Right now he is digging up our yard, trying to find where the line goes, so he can cap it off. (My new camera showed up today, so pictures will come later!). I am very thankful for my handy hubby!


Love my babes said...

Go Shalissa Go!!! What kind of camera did you get?

Snow Mommy said...

I got another Kodak. I am so happy with it, and glad I returned the other camera that everyone told me I would love (and didn't).