Monday, March 1, 2010

Dear Tagalongs

Dear Tagalongs,

Once a year you come into my life. I feel like I am doing a service to my community by supporting the Girl Scouts, and buying a box or two of you. But why must you taunt me? Why do you call my name from the cupboard until I can't ignore you anymore? Why can I not eat just one cookie at a time? Why are you so addicting? Why do I feel so guilty after finishing a whole box? Really, I just supported a good cause, right? While you have been a dear friend, I am glad you will be gone soon. See you next year.



Tiff said...

LOL!!! I completely agree! However, the Tagalongs will let their friends know when they have been eaten, and the Girl Scouts (AKA crack dealers) will show up at Safeway, ready to supply your Tagalong needs... :)

Snow Mommy said...

I was sooo going to call them crack candy, but didn't want people to google crack and come to my blog! Watch out, the crack dealers are outside of Wally world too!

Tracie said...

Every year, those girls manage to get a hold of many of our firefighters on duty, and then an abundance and variety of those darned things show up all around the fire stations..... taunting, calling, tempting!!!

I despise the Girl Scouts!!!!!