Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Water Leak

So last week Dan found a puddle in the back yard. He dug down and found a leak in the water line. Problem is, he had no idea where this water line was going. He called the city and had someone come out to look. They told him they had no idea where the water lines go, and that the one with the leak is left over from when our water used to go back to the neighbors house. So Dan needed to dig up the water line and find where it took a Y, so he could cap it off. He started at the street, and started digging. Now common sense would tell you that the water line would make a straight path from the street to the house, right? Wrong! The line did little zig zag pattern to the house. He had to dig a huge trench all the way through the yard, making a big mess. He finally found the Y, it was 6 feet from the leak. After a trip to the hardware store and $1.25 later, the problem was fixed. But then he had to fill in the big trench. We have been wanting to reseed our yard, but we sit on essentially a gravel pit. Now, we really don't have a choice, we will have to redo the whole yard. This will include the removal of many rocks. I'm thinking we may have enough for a rock wall along the driveway. I have to say I am thankful for a cheap fix, and now maybe our water bill will go down. Of course, only after we are done watering the new yard we have to seed.

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