Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Camera

I just love this picture from my new camera!

Being that my sister is a fabulous photographer (check out her website by clicking on her link), I have a high expectation for my photos. I know I am not nearly as talented as her, but I do want nice pictures. I had a great Kodak camera that I loved. It took beautiful pictures, and I loved the brillant colors. Last May, while camping, I dropped and broke my favorite camera. Dan searched high and low for a new one for me, and found a similar one that was referbished. It works ok, but nothing compared to my broken one. So I have been on a search for a new camera for months. I started researching by price, functions, mega pixels, and everything else. I really liked Costco's return policy of 90 days. I wanted to be absolutely happy with the camera. Everyone and everything led me to a Panasonic camera. I lucked out that the camera was on sale on my birthday and Dan gave me the go ahead to buy it for my birthday present. I really wanted to like the camera. It was user friendly, and a great small size. I played with it for a month, and even developed pictures to get a good idea of picture quality. I just couldn't get over the colors.They seemed blue/gray to me. I am so used to the brilliant colors of Kodak's that I was never happy.

So, because of Costco's return policy, I was able to return the camera. The guy at the return counter was shocked. He had the same opinion as everyone else, that it was a perfect camera. He told me I would be disappointed in any other camera, and to come back next time and make sure to find him so he could say I told you so.

I tried explaining to him how it was the colors I didn't like, and he agreed that Kodak cameras have different colors, but he thought I was crazy.
Just my luck (again) had a new Kodak on sale last week. Same features, same everything, just a Kodak. I bought the camera and it arrived on Friday. I am in love! The colors are great, it's easy to use, and I am so happy I stuck to my guns and held out for a camera that I would be completely happy with.

I really want to go back to the guy at Costco and tell him I told you so!!! I won't though. I will smile every time I get photo's developed at Costco, knowing I was right and he was wrong.

This is just my personal preference of cameras. I LOVE Costco and their return policies. While I may run into some opinionated people there once in awhile, I will continue to shop there.

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