Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Sorry I haven't been blogging much. We have been really busy around here. My Scentsy booth at the Home and Garden Show went well. We had a lot of fun, and meet a ton of people. We laughed at some of the things people said to us. My favorite was when a husband tried to bribe me NOT to talk to his wife. She walked right into the booth, then proceeded to ask him for his wallet to buy some Scentsy. We talked to an 80 year old lady who said she had heard of Scentsy on Facebook. That one cracked me up! Or the man who said his wife needed Scentsy so that she wouldn't burn the house down. This weekend I will be at the Skagit Valley Home Show on Friday and Sunday. If you live in that area, stop by and say hi to me at the Scentsy booth!

The kids came home with report cards yesterday. They both are doing great and even improved some. We are very proud of them and what great students they are.

Another update is that I am scheduled for surgery on my left ear next month. They want to do one ear at a time, and the surgeon chose my left ear. I am fine with that, it's the ear that I put the phone to! Please pray that the surgery goes well and that my hearing will be completely restored. They will do surgery on my right ear sometime in May.

I'll try to be better about updates. Hope you all have a great week!

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