Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How much does Law School cost?

I'm convinced that Lily is going to be a lawyer. She is obsessed with controlling everything. She is attentive to details, and has every date and time on the calender memorized. She has been planning her birthday party for months. I talked to a mother of one of her classmates, who asked when Lily's party was, because she has been inviting friends for months now. I explained Lily's OCD about her birthday and told the mom that invites will be sent out. I was told by Lily's teacher that Lily watches the clock all day and keeps her on schedule. Lily likes to plan her wardrobe out days in advance. And she thinks it through. Tomorrow she is student of the day. She wants to wear a dress, but knows she has PE, so she needs to wear her tennis shoes. (I wouldn't put it past her to wear both).
It makes me happy that she is so smart and willing to learn. She is not very athletic, or graceful, so her brains will have to make up for it. So, how much does law school cost? I think I better start saving now!

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Tiff said...

Or Lily might be the next generation of Oltman Insurance. There's a lot of similarities there, I'm just sayin'... :)