Thursday, April 8, 2010

Silly Lily

I had an adventure today. I took my kids to town with me and made 9 stops. Yes, 9. I had a big to do list, a Scentsy delivery, and some things to buy. The kids have been fighting, and it was not always fun to haul them in and out of one store after another.

So we got to Costco and they were fighting over who would get the cart. Really, cuz that's such a big deal! Anyways, Lily finally got into the cart, and we pushed her around with her in the basket part. As we walked out of Costco, the nice lady at the door checks our receipt, and Lily says, "I'm not a Costco item". Like we would confuse her with the celery! Silly girl!

So then on the way home the kids were fighting, again, and Lily looks at Nate and says, "You are not my wife!". Seriously? Last time I checked, I was the only wife in this house. What will she come up with next?

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