Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Break, On A Budget

We are in the middle of Spring break right now. It's been yucky, rainy weather all week. The kids have gotten creative in their play. Nate built a fort out of blankets, and then slept in it last night. This morning they turned all the lights off and ran around with flashlights (wasn't exactly dark, but it wasn't bright either).
We have a big roll of paper that the kids like to roll out on the floor. They tape it down, color, then use it as a little city for legos and hot wheels.
The kids love to play with boxes, and I get many of them via Scentsy. This morning the kids took empty boxes, cut them into pieces, and made little characters. They also like to take the boxes and sit in them while watching TV. Maybe they think they are sitting in cars like a drive in?

I am hoping for a break in the weather soon, so we can go play at a park, and go for bike rides. Until then, we will have blanket forts and paper cities to keep us busy!

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