Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mission Impossible

My Step-Mom called last week and asked for one, and only one thing for Mother's Day. She knew I was the organizer for the family (comes with being the oldest) and set me to the task. The mission was to get a family picture. Now you would think this would be easy, considering we have two fabulous photographers in the family. The first problem is those photographers have to be IN the picture. The second issue is that with my step-brothers, there are 6 of us sibling, and our families. That means wrangling 20 people together for a family picture. Being Dan is out of town, we had figured that we would have to photo shop him in somehow. Then on Sunday Dan called and said he was flying home Monday night, and home for that night only. I quick called all the siblings and by some miracle, got everyone together last night. Dan's flight was delayed, but we still got there before dark. We even got lucky enough to not get rained on! I'm very curious to see how the pictures turned out! I will post them after Mother's Day.....they are a present after all!

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