Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mr. Sandman

Today was the Sandcastle contest at Birch Bay. It's an annual event and this was our first year attending, let alone making an entry. Mom had the idea of making a bed, and putting one of the kids in it. Nate was our first choice because he was the oldest, and more likely to hold still. Mom and Tiffani spent two hours making the bed, the last half hour Nate was in it. The people on the beach loved the idea, and the judges gave us first place for best use of sand materials. Not bad for our first attempt! We had a blast, even all the little kids who just ran around and played. The girls helped collect shells and decorate the quilt on the bed. Poor Nate got really cold and after an hour, we pulled him out. They fixed the bed to make a sand person in Nate's place. What a fun day, even though it was kinda cold. We are already planning our creations for next year!


Tanya said...

What a great idea! We've been before and have never seen anything like it. Looks like some more great memories were made today!

Anonymous said...

We should have titled it "Floating off to sleep, waiting for Mr. Sandman." Thanks for watching the kids, Honey. Everyone had a good time, but you had the hardest part! Mom

Carolina said...

That is totally awesome! Hey, I'm mailing your check tomorrow. I didn't see you at church today. :)