Sunday, January 10, 2010

Girls Night

Girls Night was a always! This was our 4th annual trip to Birch Bay with this group of gals. We call ourselves the BB girls, because we go to Birch Bay for our girls night. I love this group of friends and family and the fact that we all get along so well. They are a loving, caring group.....that I can not trust!! I take that back, I can trust them with secrets, and also trust they will keep a secret from me. This is the same group that LOVES to play tricks on each other. They got me while we were camping this past year, and decided to get me again at girls night. Because Friday was my birthday, I asked that they not make girls night about my birthday, and no gifts. They all decided to play a trick on me, and did a gift exchange anyways, and embarrassed me royally. I should have known they would do something for my birthday, since this is the same group that planned my 30th surprise birthday party.
So, note to self, don't plan girls night on my birthday again, and start planning revenge!

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Stephana said...

:o) We SOOOOOOOO love you!!