Sunday, January 17, 2010


We have been wanting to visit Legoland in California for the last few years. Nate is obsessed with legos right now, and we feel this is the perfect time to go. I started looking at airfare and condo availabilities, and found 5 days in March, over the kid's mid winter break. I just about bought the airline tickets, but the price had gone up (plus all of the rediculous extras they charge). We decided to wait until later this year to go.
I also wanted to take the opportunity to teach the kids a lesson. I printed out a map from the Legoland website and taped it to an empty canister. We told the kids that we are all saving up for a trip to Legoland. The kids emptied their piggie banks into the canister. Then they went through thier toys, and choose some that they will sell at our garage sale this spring. The kids are also planning on selling lemonaid at the garage sale (their idea). When they ask for extras (like paying for a membership to Club Penguin) I use that moment to remind them that we are saving money for Legoland.
Sunny California, here we come!

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Stephana said...

woohoo!! Good job :)