Friday, January 15, 2010

Say What?

What? This is the most popular word out of my mouth lately. It started a year ago October when I had a sinus infection and felt like my ears were going to burst. I was told by the Dr. that my ears were fine, it was just the pressure from my sinuses. I was told to take an antihistamine and it would dry up the extra fluid in my ears. I tried this for months, and still I knew I couldn't hear as much as I should. I struggled to hear in some of my classes, and learned to sit up front or under the speakers in class. This past October when I got yet another sinus infection, the ringing in my ears got worse, along with my hearing. I waited a few month to make sure it wasn't' just after effects of my sinuses (again) and after many battles with my husband over this subject, I went to the Dr. again. This time I had a hearing test that proved to me that I had major hearing loss. I was referred to an ENT specialist and went in last week. After another hearing test, the Dr. thinks that I have Otosclerosis. It is an overgrowth of bone in the middle ear that causes ringing and hearing loss. He put me on prescriptions for 6 weeks, but most likely I will need surgery. I am actually releived that they think this can be fixed, but at the same time frustrated that I have to wait another 6 weeks. I haven't told many people about my hearing loss (yes, I have been in denial) and am getting better about asking people to speak up. I am praying that surgery will fix the problem and I will not have to have hearing aids.

Funny story......

As I was leaving the ENT office, I stopped by the receptionist's desk to make an appointment for 6 weeks later. She asked my last name, I told her. She then asked my first name, but I didn't hear her. She looked at me funny and asked again for my first name. I said, "Oh sorry, it's Holly, I don't hear very well". She then looked at me dead serious and asked, "Are you here for your ears?". I just laughed and said yes. I wanted to day, DUH!

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