Friday, January 22, 2010

Mom vs Mouse Part 2

My wonderful neighbor stopped by last night and asked how the "Great White Hunter" was doing. I laughed and said I had not caught my little mouse yet. He offered to take care of it for me when I finally did. (His wife is the one that sold me the mouse traps, so he knew my little problem). So this morning I check my trap, and I got a tiny little mouse. Even though it is a tiny mouse, I'm not touching it! I posted on Facebook that I had caught the mouse and was going to bribe my neighbor to dispose of it for me. A dear sweet friend of mine saw this and offered to help me out. I took her up on the offer and she came and got rid of the mouse for me. (Yes, I bribed her too!). So I have officially won the first round against the mouse. Thing is, I know that there are probably more. I set another trap tonight, and still have my bait set out.
We already ate the first batch of cookies I made to bribe my neighbor......I better make more!


DJan said...

I've been following your mouse saga here, and now that you have caught one, I wonder if the next time it will be easier. Good job!

Snow Mommy said...

thanks DJan!

Anonymous said...
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