Thursday, September 9, 2010

Auntie's House

My sister in law, Tiffani, did some work for my sister, Amy yesterday. I volunteered to take the 4 kids for Tiffani. Just a reminder, Emma is 6, the twins Grant and Ben are 3 1/2 and baby Drew is 18 months. The kids love to come over and play, and were super excited to see our new kittens. I love having the kids over, but they wear me out! I had them for less than 4 hours, and it was exhausting. I don't know how Tiff does it EVERY DAY!

Emma was the perfect baby. She slept through the night at 6 weeks old, and was just a very content and happy baby. I joked with Tiff that she would get twin boys next to make up for how easy Emma was. God liked my idea! Then came baby Drew......and now I say that God gave Tiff twins to prepare her for Drew. He may look like an innocent little angel, but that kid is super fast, and super smart! In the time it took for me to get a granola bar out of the cupboard, Drew had pulled a banana out of a grocery bag, had it peeled in half and was chowing down. Seriously. At some point during the morning, Drew snuck into my office and slobbered my camera. When I went to take this picture, I had to clean off the camera first. I asked him who slobbered my camera, and he laughed.

I started a list of things that I learned with four kids running wild. I didn't get to write them all down, because as soon as I turned my back, they were into something else. If you don't believe me, or think I'm exaggerating, just borrow the kids for a morning. You will have a new respect for Tiff!

  • If you ask the kids who left the banana peel in the living room, they will all agree that "Not me" did it.
  • If you let half the kids outside to play, the other kids stay inside, bad things will happen. All kids must go inside or outside.
  • One of those bad things is that Drew will bring the BIG bottle of bubbles in the house and spill them on your rug.
  • Drew will then stick the bubble wand in your coffee (not a way to make points with Auntie. Auntie NEEDS her coffee!).
  • Scissors can not be put high enough. Monkey boy will find them and put them in his mouth!
  • Don't let the kids play with play dough near the litter box. Play dough and toys will end up in the litter box.
  • No matter how many times (27....not that I'm counting) you tell the kids to leave the kittens alone while they are in the litter box, the kids can't hear you.
  • Sometimes it's hard to tell if someone needs a diaper changed, or the cat just used the litter box.
  • When Drew has wax on his hands, just smell it to figure out what Scentsy he got into.
  • Don't leave Ben alone in the bathroom too long. He will dump all the toys in the tub, and climb in.
  • Drew doesn't understand that that tablecloth is NOT attached to the table.
  • No matter how many times you tell the kids to stay out of the kiddie pool (14) they can't hear you.
  • They still don't understand that you can't carry the kittens by their necks.
  • Cookies or brownies are still the best way to get the kids to eat their whole lunch!


Tiff said...

Haaahahahahaha!!!! Sorry, but that funny! BTW, as I was going through Emma's clothes for fall this morning, Drew got into the arts and crafts cabinet and dumped everything inside, and you already know about him somehow getting the puzzle off the top of the fridge. Oh, and someone drew pictures in crayon on Emma's door, but again it was "NotMe!"

Glad I can help you realize how calm your life really is!

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Kingdom Mama said...

Woops...sorry! That last comment was from me!