Friday, September 10, 2010

Lawn stripes

This past Spring we had a water leak in the back yard. Dan had to dig up the front yard, following the water line from the street, until he found the leak (a whole 6 feet behind the fence). The fix for the water leak cost a whole $1.24. Well....then there was grass seed, and more grass seed, and more grass seed. We seeded the yard 3 times before it came up well. In the meantime, weeds had taken over. So I bought a bag of weed and feed and went spreading. What I didn't realize was the spreader was set for grass seed, and I put a whole 40 pound bag on the grass. This is what the yard looked like a week later. You can see my path was not always straight ( I swear I was NOT drinking!). The grass looked like this for a good month this summer, then I bought another bag of weed and feed and went over my missed spots. Everyone joked that I should have gone the opposite way and made a checker board pattern. I'm happy to say that the lawn finally looks great. It's all one color (hooray!) and nice and thick!

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