Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Fall Catalog is here!

September 1st has to be the most exciting day of the year for Scentsy consultants. It starts the new Fall/Winter catalog and all of our fabulous new products. Lily woke up this morning totally excited that we can order her Scentsy Buddy today. As of last week she wanted Penny the Pig, but this morning she said she wants Lenny the Lamb. And of course she wants the Camu Camu scent pack in it. Camu Camu is her favorite scent (it's her Daddy's favorite too!). Fragrance Foams are also a new product and I will be stocking up for my kid's classrooms! Both my kids are sensitive to regular hand sanitizers, and I'm happy they can use the Fragrance Foams because they are alcohol free. There are so many great new scents and warmers in the new catalog. Click on the link on the side of the blog to see them all. And of course let me know if you want to host a party or basket party this Fall!

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