Monday, September 27, 2010

The Shopping Cart Dilemma

I have a bit of a shopping cart dilemma. Nate is now big enough to push the shopping cart and likes to do this. Here's my reasons why it's a bad thing.

  • He runs over the back of heals, at least twice.....and it hurts!!
  • I swear he makes a video game out of it. 100 points for hitting an isle, and extra 100 points if something falls off. 200 points for hitting someone else's cart. 100 bonus points for an old lady, and 100 bonus points for a Canadian (that's an easy one, they are everywhere!). 
  • He always blocks the isle, and I need to tell him 14 times to move out of the way. (BIG pet peeve of mine. Seriously people, if you stop, don't block the whole isle!). 
  • He still gets distracted (SQUIRREL!) and will wander off to look at something.
  • His wandering always takes him to the bakery and cookies!
  • I'm afraid to buy anything fragile, like eggs. With all that cart bumping, they may not make it to the car.

Here's the reasons why I like Nate pushing the cart.

  • He has to keep his hands on the cart, so he can't  grab extra things to put into the cart. 
  • He has to keep his hands on the cart, so he can't touch his sister.
  • He has to keep his hands on the cart, so he doesn't have time to take the bottom apple in the display. (My kids would NEVER do that!). 
  • He has to keep his hands on the cart.... well, you get my point.

We will keep working on Nate's cart driving skills, in hopes that he will get better. I may have to put a warning out to little old ladies and Canadians before we enter the grocery store. And I may need to pick up more band aids while we are there, for my heals!


Stephana said...

Good luck!!!!

Fireguy said...

Piece of cake on this one.... go shopping while the kids are at school. It makes shopping so much easier, so much more fun, so much more productive, and tends to cost less as well.... it certainly helps us to teach our kids to eat healthier, since we can avoid so much of the junk that is staring them square in the eyes on the shelves!

I love shopping without the kids... I am methodical, and I spend time price comparing, as well as nutrional value comparing... it has really made for a healthier life in our home. :-)

Snow Mommy said...

Oh yes, shopping without kids is the best, but there are times I can't get around it.

Dan said...

Am I listed as one of the Kids???