Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cute little tag

Tiff at Still Seeking Sanity tagged me again!! She may be trying to loose her title as my favorite sister in law! You would think with four kids four and under, she would have better things to do than tag me!! Oh well, I accept and will post the little picture and tag others, who will complain about me for tagging them. If you need a laugh check out Tiff's will learn that God has a great sense of humor and he thought that Tiff needed to see that through her two year old twins!

Here's the rules....if I tag you, you must copy this little tag, mention who tagged you, then tag more people. Don't forget to link their blogs so that everyone can find them easier. Good luck.

I tag......

Renae at A Walk in My Shoes, sorry Renae, just sharing the love!
Lisa at It's Miller Time, like Lisa has better things to do while taking care of a cute baby?
Jaimie at Jaimstar just because I can!!!
Jenn at The Samelsens only because Jenn needs to change the Christmas music on her blog!! :)

I'm supposed to do 10 but, I still want friends tomorrow!

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