Sunday, February 1, 2009

Poppa Wayne

My step Dad Wayne is wonderful. It took me a a couple years to realize that he is almost always joking, and is great at keeping a straight face while doing it. When he married my Mom over 8 years ago, his grand kids called him Poppa. It just became easier for us kids to call him Poppa too. My kids call him Poppa Wayne, until recently. One day he was teasing Lily and called her Freddy. Lily threw a fit and yelled, "My name is not Freddy, it's Wilwee, L-I-L-Y, Wilwee!" She was really upset until I told her to call Poppa, Freddy. Ever since, they have had a little war going on, calling each other Freddy. He does the same thing with my neice Emma, except he calls her Larry. Oh, and Tiffani and Wayne call each other Buddy, and have Buddy Days. So, there's the story of Poppa Wayne Freddy Larry Buddy.


Pappa Wayne said...

To my most beautiful and vertically challenged ("oldest" stepdaughter) Thank you for being you. Your kindness and consideration makes you so special. Hug Hug Kiss Kiss. Now for the good stuff I keep watching "Little People" on tv for the episode you were in. You know the one, your lines were. Hey boss the plane!! Wait that was Fantasy Island. I got you new back pocket pillows so you won't hurt yourself when you step off a curb. :)

Snowmommy said...

Poppa, be careful or I won't make you any more oatmeal raisin cookies!