Monday, February 2, 2009

Rock Hunt

I was home with Lily today and told her we were going on a field trip. I needed to find a rock outcrop for Geology homework. So we went on a rock hunt. Ok, it was more like a drive, so off we went. I figured the heading up to the hills would be a good bet. Problem is I hate going up twisting, curving roads, because I get car sick. Thank goodness I found what I was looking for before I got queasy! I took pictures of the rocks, took one for a sample, and back down the hill we went. We made another stop at the river to take a couple pictures and play at the park. When I got home I uploaded the pictures, wrote my report, then TRIED to attach my pictures to my homework. The online program wouldn't let me attach files that big. I tried to copy and paste, I tried compressing and e-mailing it to myself. I worked for hours, and it still didn't work. Hopefully my online instructor realizes it's the program and not me with the problem (that's my story and I'm sticking to it). So I am showing you a picture of rocks so that my day was not in vain. Oh, and can anyone identify it?

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