Monday, February 16, 2009

Growing Up

I had a good laugh yesterday when Dan asked me to pull all the child safety plugs from the outlets that were over 4 feet tall. I have always had this house childproof, and don't think twice about it. Even though my kids are getting older, I do babysit younger kids sometimes, along with my nieces and nephews that visit. I like that fact that kids feel welcome here and that I don't have to worry about child safety issues. On the other hand, Dan has a point. The kids are getting older, and I can start putting away things like that. I have had a hard time lately deciding what to let go and what to keep. I still have a playpen so that visiting babies have a place to crash. I have held onto a booster seat for the table, so that we can strap in any little ones. It would be nice to not trip over those things, but I like to have them around. By the time I don't have any more babies around, then the grand babies will be right around the corner. Oh.....maybe I don't like this growing up stage!

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