Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Earthquakes, Tsunami's and more.....

In Geology this week I studied earthquakes, tsunami's and mountain building. Some of this stuff is way over my head, but the earthquakes were very interesting. While doing my research I found out that there are moonquakes! Moonquakes last up to 10 minutes! Ok, so while reading all this stuff I started freaking out again about Dan going to California. I do this about once a year, most of the time it is triggered by some natural disaster or threat. Earthquakes in California are frequent, and the major problem there is that they cause fires. Fires at the refinery SCARE me. Then there are tunami's that are triggered by earthquakes. The terrorist threat level makes me nervous, expecially when he is in LA harbor. Dan tells me I have nothing to worry about, but I have to have my little freak out, then I'll be fine.....for awhile.


Love my babes said...

As a fellow worry wart I get your stress and freak outs. I will be praying for him. My kids will too:o)

Tracie said...

I am guessing you don't realize just how many earthquakes we have up here in our region?!?!?!?!?!

Yes, more often, the "big" ones occur down south, but we are absolutely and completely primed here in the Puget Sound region to have a massive earthquake within our lifetime!!!

In fact, the chances are so good that we have specialized training every year, along with a dedicated plan of action in the fire service for just that situation.

Oh, and if it makes you feel any better, Dan stands a hugely, significantly, and far greater chance of losing his life during his travels back and forth to and from California, then he ever has of dying from an earthquake.

I may sound harsh, and IO don't mean to...just trying to tie some reality check into this for you.



Snowmommy said...

Way to calm my nerves Gordon!

Tracie said...

You are welcome!!! ;-)

Heeheeheeheeheehee :-)