Saturday, March 21, 2009

Girls Night

You know that I am all about traditions. I started a tradition 4 years ago that my friends will not let me give up. We do Girls Night once a year. I book our condo out at Birch Bay and us girls go out and spend the night. We sit around and chat (gossip), giggle and laugh all night while we munch of food and make 6 pounds of gummy bears disappear. We have a couple drinks and make fun of the one in the group that is pregnant or nursing, because they can't drink. (Seriously, there is always one). We all look forward to this night all year long. It is so hard for us to get together with busy schedules, work, kids and hubbys. We make Girls Night a priority every year so that we can get caught up on each others lives. As Moms, life can get lonely and we loose touch with friends. It's important to make time for your friends, and time for yourself to get away. Sorry in advance to the people in the room next to us tonight, we will try to keep it to a mild roar!
Oh, and Tiffani, Happy Birthday, you are old!!!

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Tiff said...

Yes, and why does it seem like I am the one who is always pregnant or nursing? Oh, right. Because I am.

See you tonight!

PS, you are so young nad beautiful!