Thursday, March 26, 2009

Quiet House

It's a little creepy here this morning. I am officially on spring break, and the kids are in school. (They have spring break in two weeks, when I start spring quarter of course!) While I enjoy having the time to myself without homework to keep me busy, I have to say the quiet is getting to me! I have lists of things I want to get done, but everyday things keep popping up to keep me busy. Yesterday I had an appointment with my tax gal. She found some more write offs, but I needed to get her some numbers. She told me I had homework for the week. Seriously, I'm on spring break, I don't need homework!!! Oh well, I know that by doing it we will get more money back, whoo hoo!

On another note, today is my sister's birthday. Congrats to all the family members on Amy Jo's birthday!!! Amy is a very talented photographer, you can check out her website by clicking on my family picture on the right of the blog. Happy Birthday Amy Jo!!

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