Monday, March 23, 2009

Mom's making me look bad

My Mom and Step-Dad just got back from Maui (I'm soooo jealous!). Before they left, Mom asked my kids what they wanted from Hawaii. The kids repeated the same requests as last year when Dan and I went. Nate wanted a small Transformer and Lily wanted a pink flower. Seriously! Well, last year Dan and I had a hard time with that request. We looked all over the Island, and all the airports, and never found a Transformer. And a pink flower? We ended up buying a plumeria plant (I love the smell of plumeria). The plumeria plant was a thick stick that looked like an adult bedroom toy. Anyways, I still put that thick stick in a pot. It grew a few leaves then died this winter. Ok, so back to when we got home from Maui, we had to tell Nate that there were no Transformers on the whole Island. And Lily was not impressed with the thick stick (what does that have to do with pink flowers Mom?). So, my Mom comes home from Maui and what does she have for the kids? A small Transformer for Nate (sure, make a liar out of me!) and a postcard with pink flowers on it. Nate turns to me and says, "See Mom, I told you there were Transformers in Hawaii!!". Grandma gets to be the hero and I look like a liar. Thanks Mom!


Anonymous said...

Just doing what Grandma's do best!You are still a terrific mom and I love you! Love, Mom

Love my babes said...

You will get your chance when you are the grandma. I think it is a special skill they have to find the impossible.