Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lily is a star

Lily had a field trip today to the Mt. Baker Theater. They watched a performance by Circo Comedio. It was a pair of comedians that did physical comedy, and they were hilarious. At one point in the program they asked for a new assistant, and choose Lily. Click here to see. This is her performance on stage....she had us all rolling on the floor. You can tell she has no fear, and was in front of a couple hundred people. You can also tell that her Daddy and Uncles toss her around and hang her upside down, because she has no issues with that. Afterwards she was told that she was the star of the show, and now believes that she is the star. Oh boy, she has been bitten by the show biz bug!


Tiff said...

That was awesome! She might have found her calling!
Congrats, Lily, great job!

Love my babes said...

Lily you are a STAR!!! The crowd was even cheering your name you are amazing! You even had me clapping. Great job!