Sunday, March 15, 2009

Captain Underpants and other embarrassing stories

Nate is such a boy! Lately he likes to run around the house in his underwear and a cape. He thinks he's Captain Underpants. I would love to take a picture and post it, but then I would have CPS at my door. So I am blogging about it so that someday I will remember this and tease him about it, like when he brings girlfriends home. Because that is what parents do!
For example, the first time I brought a boy home for dinner (in High School) my mom preceded to tell a very embarrassing story from my childhood. I guess when I was young (2years old?) I would take showers with Dad. Can you tell where this is going? So one day while in the shower I looked up at Dad, pulled his penis and said "Ding Ding". From that point on that is what a penis was called in our house, a ding ding. I seriously had no idea about that story and was completely humiliated in front of my boyfriend. I laugh now because I never questioned where the nickname came from, it's just what was said in our house. Us girls were told by Dad that we were not allowed to touch the boys ding dings because we already broke ours off. (I tried that story with Lily and it didn't work) Click here to read that post.
Moral of the story, write these things down. They are priceless and humiliating!

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