Sunday, November 16, 2008

Blame My Dad

My Dad has always had funny sayings. As a child I always believed what he said, and later in life I had to laugh at how silly they really were. People look at me funny if I repeat them, but sometimes I can't help it. Dad always told us that the only day we were allowed to be grumpy was on our birthday. You know that you are never grumpy on your birthday. He also told us that if you stick your lip out, a bird will come along and poop on it. He has many others, that I'll get to someday, but the one that cracks me up the most was he told us girls that we couldn't touch the boy's privates, because we already broke ours off. I guess it was a problem when we all bathed together, and he needed a practical reason for us to keep our hands to ourselves. So when my kids used to take baths together, I told them the same thing. They just looked at me funny, and it never sunk in. Then one day Lily was taking a bath....well, here's our conversation.

Lily: I want a private like Nate's.
Me: You can't have one because you are a girl.
Lily: But I want one like Nate!
Me: Lily, boys have boy parts and girls have girl parts, and God made you a girl.
Lily: But I want a private like Nate's.
Me: (Sigh) Well, you can't have one because you already broke yours off. (thanks Dad)
Lily: Well, then I want a new one!
Me:(Laughing till I fell off the toilet) Let me call Grandpa and ask him about that.

I called my Dad and he laughed. Then he said that I got out smarted by my daughter, because I had never questioned him. Great, thanks Dad, you are no help!


Tiff said...

Now she's going to thing privates come from Grandpa and he refused her a new one! The poor girl will need lots of therapy for that one...

LBF17 said...

I liked your story, but didn't need to picture you on the toilet!!!

Snowmommy said...

Oh my, not like that! I was sitting on the closed lid, talking to Lily!