Thursday, November 6, 2008


I was tagged by my friend Amy. The game is you have to post and write about the fourth picture in your fourth folder of your My Pictures. Here is Lily this past Easter. My true Easter Lily. She is named after her Great Grandma Lillian Snow. Great Grandma Lillian was born on Easter, and her mother named her Lily Mae, but it got changed to Lillian Mae for some reason; I'm afraid to ask her again because the story could take all day. Both my mom and mother in law have the middle name of Ann (mine is Anna), so we have a Lily Ann. If you ask Lily she will say her name is Wilwee, L-I-L-Y, Wilwee. FYI- The flower is spelled LILY. So for all you bloggers, tag you are it!


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Anonymous said...

I was doing a people search on my name just for fun and found your blog. Imagine my surprise when I found your daughter, Lillian Mae. My name is Lillian Mae, and yes my last name is Snow. I go by Lill, but some of my family still call me Lillian. I was born in late April 1962, both of my grandmothers were Lilys and therefore my mother wanted a variation of their name for me.

I wish your little Lillian Mae a wonderful life. How wonderful to know there is more than one of me in this world.