Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tiff, Seriously!!!

My sister in law Tiffani is not my friend anymore. She tagged me with the job of dropping everything, and taking a picture of where I blog, and my living room. Seriously?!?! Those are the two messiest places in the house. And....it's Tuesday, my worst day of the week. So I am a good girl, and do as I'm told, so here is my office, a complete disaster area, enter at your own risk. Right now there are only two computers, when Dan is home, we have three lined up in a row. My back desk is covered with crafts, homework, pictures, and my piles of projects (including Christmas cards). The shag carpet is orange, and it reminds me of Alf. We once watched Mom's orange cat, Albert, while she was away, and Albert thought he was camouflaged in the office. He would sit in there looking out like,"You can't see me!".

Next is the living room, which actually is what we call the toy room. The carpet has a big black paint stain on it from when we painted Nate's room, and he dropped the paint can on the carpet. The carpet is also not tacked down, just sitting on cement. This room was once the garage, so it is weird. This is the room I want to tackle next, finish the pergo all the way across, and the ugly paneling is coming down.
Thanks again Tiff, you were once my favorite sister in law!

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Tiff said...

I said I was sorry! Really, really, sorry! I owe you, I know...

By the way, I'm sorry!