Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Home Again

Seaside was a fun trip, but the drive both ways was not fun. I have never been a fan of traveling alone (without another adult). The kids did ok, they had their movies to watch, and I should give them more credit for sitting in the van for 6 hours with only two quick potty stops. I get stressed out easily when traveling by myself, and it even took me a few hours after getting home to finally settle down. My wonderful sister in law Tiffani shampooed my carpets while we were gone, so I came home to clean carpets, and couches needing to be moved. We couldn't find the TV remote, and I thought that Tiffani was playing a trick on me and hid it. Well, she did, but it wasn't on purpose. It got buried under some toys when the couches got moved. Imagine the meltdown if I couldn't find the remote, oh the agony! So, I'm glad to be home, I like being a homebody. I don't like getting back to school and homework, but that's life right now, and I'll start planning another vacation (where I don't have to drive!).


Tiff said...

Hey, how did I get blamed in all of this? Do you really think I moved the couches?!? Blame Marty. That's right, MARTY DID IT!!! I'M INNOCENT, I TELL YOU, INNOCENT!!

Glad you had a safe trip!

Love my babes said...

Maybe you need a nice relaxing vacation to Oregon. Huh?

I know I am not very funny. Glad you survived the trip home and I don't blame you I wouldn't like traveling alone w/my kids either.