Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I love Thanksgiving, the food, family, and of course our Thanksgiving game. I think it's important for people to stop and realize everything that they should be thankful for. I am blessed with a wonderful family, beautiful, loving children, a caring spouse, the best supportive friends a mom could ask for, and everything else that God has given me.

Right now my second batch of rolls are in the oven, and we are headed to Aunt Ruthi's for turkey time! After a wonderful meal, and then our game, we put on our real game faces and tackle the sale fliers in the newspaper. This is part of our Thanksgiving tradition. We go through the fliers, and decide on a game plan for tomorrow morning. We pick which store has the best door buster, one that is worth our time standing in the cold. I grew up thinking that the people who did the door busters were crazy, and deserved to freeze their butts off on Black Friday. Then I had kids. Wow how that changes your perspective! When Lily was a toddler, I saw a little kitchenette in a Black Friday add. It was going to save me $20 to get out of bed at 4am and go to Freddy's. At the time, it was well worth the $20. That's when I realized I had become one of the crazy ones! Now I join the family in our quest for bargains. We all stand in the cold together, Aunt Ruthi picks up mocha's (that deserves sainthood right there!) and we chat and visit with everyone around us. Once the doors open, we are all on our own, going different ways to find our treasures. Then we all meet again at the food court in the mall to have Cinnabons and show off our goodies.
I've already gotten a phone call this morning asking about my plan of attack. I had to say that I won't know until the family attacks the paper. Here's a few more helpful hints to the crazy people like me who's wish for bargains overrules the need for sleep. Don't go alone! Last year I stood in line at Target for over an hour by myself, not fun! Go with a list. My sis is law Tiffani makes a notebook with the adds so that she knows exactly what she is looking for. Also in the notebook is her Christmas list, so that if she sees any other great deals, she can look to the list to see who else she needs to shop for. Get caffeine (and tip the baristas who are up early enough to sell you that hot, magical mocha at 4 am.).
Wish me luck, and I hope everyone has a safe Thanksgiving weekend!

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