Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bring it on

We had a fun night camping in the trailer last night. I always have games packed, and think it's important for the kids to learn old fashioned games that don't require the computer. (We had those too, but all had to take turns!). Dan and Nate were playing connect four, then Nate and I, then Dan and Lily. He kept beating her in attempts to teach her how to play better, yah right. Dan told her he was going to beat her again and she said, "Oh ya, bring it on Daddy!". I laughed so hard, how does a five year old learn these things?
Right now we are in Seaside Oregon all cozy in our condo. The kids are finishing dinner and Dan and Nate are playing hangman. It's fun to hear them play. We visited the Maritime Museum in Astoria today, and I wish the kids were a little older to appreciate it. Dan loved it, and tried to explain a few things that were relevant to his work. There were hands on exhibits where you get to steer a boat, or practice your knots. We will have to go back someday when the kids are older and can appreciate the history of our area.


Love my babes said...

Hope you enjoy your mini-vacation. Bring it on! Kids learn so many interesting sayings when they go to school don't they? At least it was clean;o)

Erin said...

Yesterday Liam was telling me how "sweet!" something was. I sympathize.