Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween. My kids were so excited for Halloween, in fact we ordered their costumes in August! For the first time they wanted to coordinate and I was so thrilled I quickly got online, ordered the costumes, and told them they couldn't change their minds. So for the people without kids, Nate is a red power ranger and Lily is a pink power ranger. They had a blast at school with parties in their classrooms, and a parade around school.
Our traditional trick or treating is different than most people. We travel around the county to visit family, and only get to 6-7 houses the whole night. Reason for that is every house we have to get out, go to the door, say trick or treat, get candy, go inside, explain your costume, take pictures...yada yada yada. This is how we did it when I was a kid, and it wasn't until I was middle school age that I figured out that we were getting ripped off in the candy department. For example, my husband grew up in a development, and the neighborhood kids would run around and get bags of candy. I'm holding out hope that the kids won't know what they are missing for a few more years, as long as Daddy keeps his mouth shut!

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Love my babes said...

Cute costumes. Connor was Bumblebee Transformer and people kept calling him the yellow power ranger and it was driving him nuts. I will show him Nate's costume so he knows what it looks like. Mum is the word on the candy. Our kids raked it in this year. Watch out dentist!!!