Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Black Friday was very disappointing. I was up at 4am for make it to the mall at 5am. The usual gang was there, fully caffeinated (thanks again Ruthi!) and off we all went in search of bargains. The difference this year was there weren't any good freebie's at the doors. In years past we have gotten gift cards, or good coupons, and we didn't find any of those this year. I found great deals at Old Navy, and was there early enough to get everything I wanted, wooo hooo! I shopped with my sister, but we never did buy much. When the whole family meet for Cinnabon, we all smiled at the TV cameras in the food court. If you see a bunch of women stuffing their faces with cinnamon rolls in the background of the news cast tonight, that would be us. I am holding out that the retailers will do more discounts closer to Christmas, because I am not done with my list yet. The funniest part of the day was when we were standing in line at Old Navy and my Aunt Joni and her daughters were in the line next to us. For awhile, we were ahead of them, and then at the last minute, their line speed up, and they beat us out the door (with hooping and hollering that they won of course).

When I got home, we took out all the Christmas decorations, and Dan put up the tree. The kids were thrilled. I'm almost done with the Christmas cards, the first batch will go in the mail tomorrow. I might go wrap a few presents so that there is something under the tree. We have another Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, which seems funny now that we are ready for Christmas. Oh well, turkey is a universal holiday meal!

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Love my babes said...

Hey congratulations to me on getting a Christmas card from you already. Whoo hoo!