Thursday, November 6, 2008

Grandma's Day with Lily

"This is Grandma Lori writing, since I want to share my grandaughter Lily's new found talent. We have 12.5 grandchildren currently and we love them all. It's just happened to work out that Lily comes to my place on Tuesdays while Holly is at college, and we share all kinds weekly routine fun. Some of those activities include watching Cailou(on PBS for those without preschoolers), having tea parties, drawing with the new highlighters, getting ready for ballet lessons, and putting pretties in our hair to match the ballet attire. So now..... her new fascination is the digital camera. Everything she does, she wants to document on the camera. Do I hear a resemblence of her Aunt Amy here? Of course, she has a long way to go. I deleted 31 photos yesterday. She captured Poppa Wayne making goofy faces, she took 12 pictures of her ballet slippers, there was 10 of the TV screen, and others of her face (close-up). There is no harm in letting her "practice" because it only means a recharge of the batteries. Maybe one day she will be a pro and we will all have been a part of her start to a prestigious career. Or... I can blackmail her with some of the uglies and hold them for big bucks when she has a boyfriend. Either way, I feel blessed to have the time with her each week and enjoy the cutie she is!" Love, Mom

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