Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thankfulness Day 7

Today I am thankful for my parents. Although they are divorced now, they were great parents that taught us many valuable lessons. I loved growing up on the farm. We always had fun things to do, or adventures to go on. We learned early on that you don't tell Dad that you are bored, or he would find a chore for you to do. We all had many chores, and learned responsibility at a young age. I am grateful for those lessons, and that they taught me that hard work won't kill you. Today in my Ed class we were talking about gender stereotypes. I am glad that my Dad taught us girls to drive tractor, and a stick shift. I am thankful that my Mom was always involved with whatever us kids were doing. She was the cool Mom on field trips, and hosted the best birthday parties. I am the woman, Mother and wife I am today because of the wonderful parents who raised me. Thank you Mom and Dad, I love you!

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Mom said...

It took a third "parent" to raise such wonderful kids, and He has been the biggest influence on your life and your siblings. As a proud parent, I like to give credit to God for the answers to prayers, the blessings He bestows, and the guidance He has given when things seem hopeless. You are who you are because of HIM. And no parent can ask for a better partner! Love you Holly! Mom