Sunday, November 30, 2008


I am totally stressed out about school. I am down to the wire with two weeks left. This week I have two presentations to do, and next week is finals. Both of my presentations require power point, which I have never done. I'm finally getting the hang of it, and I'm glad I have Dan home to double check my work. This is also the time of year that I want to be working on my Christmas baskets. I like to have them done early, along with any shopping, because I refuse to hit the mall (or Costco or Walmart) the week before Christmas. The kid's last day of school is Dec. 19th, so I have to have all the teacher gifts done by then. Way too much to do, and way to little time to get it all done. I will be so happy when school is done for the quarter and I can work on all my Christmas stuff!

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Love my babes said...

I feel for you. Good luck w/the school stuff. I am stumped what to do for teachers that is original. Maybe I need to scratch the original and just do s/thing tried and true.