Monday, November 17, 2008

Nate the Great

I have a bunch of blogs about girls and Lily, only because it's been an exciting time for Lily with her starting Kindergarten and the new things she is doing. So, I will tell you about my Nate the Great. Nate the Great is 8 right now (it's fun to say) and I am convinced more than ever that he will be an architect or engineer. Since he was two, he has loved to build things. At that time it was train tracks. He would amaze me with the different combinations of tracks he would build. Then came Lego's. He is always building new "creations" as he calls them. He has Lego's all over the house, and changes his creations daily. This past summer when we were camping on the Columbia River, he and his cousin John were determined to build steps in the sand wall. We left before they could get far, but they have big plans for next year's project. Nate is really fast at math, and loves science experiments. I hope that he keeps his creativity and yearning for knowledge as he continues with school. That way he can get big time scholarships, get a good education, then support his parents! :)

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